We offer comprehensive training courses on the subject of EMC in general, and the use of the Laplace test equipment in particular. A full one day course is offered free of charge to all our UK customers who purchase complete systems from us. Other training courses can be tailored to suit customer requirements.

In general we cover the following topics:

Normally a 6 hour course will be enough for any competant engineer or technician who has had no previous experience to be able to start EMC testing with the Laplace test system.

NOTE that these courses are not just 'how to operate test equipment', they are specifically intended to develop a basic understanding of the EMC phenomenon. Once this has been grasped, measurement methods and emission reduction techniques become 'common sense'.

Training courses can be arranged to suit customers timing and other requirements.


Contact David Mawdsley or Keith Phillips by e-mail  or phone +44 (0) 16 92 40 20 70