Laplace Instruments Products: Mains filters

OnFilter mains filters provide an effective and low cost solution to many unreliability issues due to noisy mains power supplies.

OnFilter mains filtersOnFilter mains filters

Onfilter mains filters are designed to block noise entering your facility via the mains supply system. This is a common cause of reliability issues with electronic equipment, particularly computers amd telecomms systems. These filters can also be effective in reducing noise contamination caused by heavy machinery and other 'noisy' equipment.

Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300

The EA-300 is a core component of the FDS (Filter Design System).

This system is capable of analysing conducted EMC emissions from a product and using its inbuilt software to recommend component values and filter characteristics that would achieve the required reduction in emissions quickly and at minimum cost.