Laplace Instruments Products: Emissions

Emissions test requirements cover both radiated (air borne) and conducted (down cables).

The many standards which quote these requirements specify the measurement technique and the acceptable limits. The Laplace range of test equipment includes virtually all commercial standards, and many military standards too.

Generally, emissions measurement equipment will include an EMC analyser together with some form of antenna (for radiated) or 'transducer' (for conducted) ancillaries. Details of all these are given in the following links.

3GHz EMC emissions Analyser3GHz EMC emissions Analyser
High performance, PC controlled, 3GHz EMC analyser with powerful Windows software application.
1GHz EMC emissions Analyser1GHz EMC emissions Analyser
The SA1002 is a fully featured EMC emissions analyser for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz
Antennas for EMC testingAntennas for EMC testing

Antennas are normally required for the measurement of radiated emissions. Laplace offers a wide range of antennas to suit the various requirements. These include standard broadband antennas, miniature antennas and Large Loop Antennas.

Ancillaries - RadiatedAncillaries - Radiated

Ancillary items that can make all the difference when measuring EMC emissions. These include pre-amplifiers, filters and near field probes.

Advanced CDNsAdvanced CDNs
A range of CDNs offering flexibility and feedback option, whilst maintaining compliance.
Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300

The EA-300 is a core component of the FDS (Filter Design System).

This system is capable of analysing conducted EMC emissions from a product and using its inbuilt software to recommend component values and filter characteristics that would achieve the required reduction in emissions quickly and at minimum cost.