Laplace Instruments Products: Probes & Monitors

Laplace offers a range of near field probes, field monitors and sensors that compliment the EMC test equipment range, and/or provide environmental survey measurements.

The near field probe range covers passive E and H field types ideal for general investigative EMC work. They are particularly useful for the identification of frequencies that are present in a product, prior to the measurement of radiated emissions, particularly if significant background (ambient) is present.

For environmental surveys the MicroRad range provides all you need for workplace CEMFAW (2016) Health & Safety assessments and all environmental radiation measurements in accordance with ICNIRP limits.

Finally, for RF field monitoring during RF immunity testing (IEC61000-4-3) the EP-600 triaxial probe offers very high performance and connection via fibre-optic cable with industry-standard protocols on USB and RS232.