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The core of any radiated emission test system is the analyser. Laplace offers a 1GHz and a 3GHz analyser specifically designed for EMC measurements. The analyser must be used in conjunction with either an antenna or test cell which can 'receive' the emissions from the EUT and convert them into a signal which is then input into the analyser. A feature of this type of analyser is the ability to convert this signal into meaningful results by using the calibration data for the antenna or cell to convert the values to dBuV/m for direct comparison with the limits.

For testing in open sites, the RF200 and RF230 antennas are ideal. If testing in confined spaces, for example, in a test chamber, the miniature ARA antenna offers a particularly compact solution.

A problem with open test sites in general is the calibration (or lack of) of the site. By using a reference source (ERS), this problem is solved and measurements will have considerably better accuracy. This means that this system can be used for compliance testing as part of a self-test, self certification strategy.

An alternative is to use a test cell. Laplace offer the Lc300/2 and Lc600 compact EMC test cells. These avoid the issues of ambient noise and test site calibration.

For luminaires which are tested to EN55015 there are two specific tests:
- for frequencies below 30MHz, the RF300 large loop antenna (Van Veen Loop) is required.
- for frequencies between 30MHz and 230MHz a CDN technique can be used.

Overall, Laplace has a range of items available that can provide emissions measurements to suit a wide range of scenarios and circumstances. 

Full details of the relevant items are available below......


3GHz EMC emissions Analyser3GHz EMC emissions Analyser
High performance, PC controlled, 3GHz EMC analyser with powerful Windows software application.
1GHz EMC emissions Analyser1GHz EMC emissions Analyser
The SA1002 is a fully featured EMC emissions analyser for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz
Antennas for EMC testingAntennas for EMC testing

Antennas are normally required for the measurement of radiated emissions. Laplace offers a wide range of antennas to suit the various requirements. These include standard broadband antennas, miniature antennas and Large Loop Antennas.

RF300 Large Loop AntennaRF300 Large Loop Antenna
The RF300 is a CISPR15/16 compliant 3 axis antenna for testing according to EN55015 (Large loop antenna or Van Veen Loop)
Ancillaries - RadiatedAncillaries - Radiated

Ancillary items that can make all the difference when measuring EMC emissions. These include pre-amplifiers, filters and near field probes.

Emissions Reference Source (ERS)Emissions Reference Source (ERS)
The ERS is a transfer standard for the calibration of radiated emission measurements on OATS or in EMC chambers.
Test cells (LaplaCell)Test cells (LaplaCell)
Compact emissions and immunity test cells for EMC compliance testing.
Advanced CDNsAdvanced CDNs
A range of CDNs offering flexibility and feedback option, whilst maintaining compliance.