Laplace Instruments Products

All our products are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of EMC testing. However, Laplace equipment is particularly relevant to those such as manufacturers who lack the resources to enable them to build formal test sites, and must cope with noisy and restricted facilities. Our systems uniquely include features that enable these issues to be addressed.

We offer both individual items and integrated sets (kits) which can be specified to suit specific requirements and can cover both emissions and/or immunity. Products are grouped into emissions, immunity and Harmonics & Flicker. Some items are relevant to more than one group (eg.. Test Cells can be used in both emissions and immunity testing), in which case these appear under both group headings.

A route map is available which shows our range in its entirety and provides an 'at a glance' overview.

Most commercial and some military standards are catered for. These include EN, IEC and FCC standards, and their equivalents in other international markets.

All products include PC software were appropriate. This software is compatible with XP and all current versions of Windows.

In addition we supply the FTR-FaulTracker, unique tool for the identification of faults on electrical control systems.