Filter Test Kit FTK-05

Filter Test Kit  FTK-05


The FTK-05 is essentially a breadboard facility in which mains filter components can be plugged so that filter characteristics can be quickly assessed.  It is used in conjunction with the FAS system to provide a complete integrated filter design and optimisation solution.

Key Points

Product Specification

EUT Voltage
230V AC, 50/60Hz
 Rated current
 Series components
2 per line
 Shunt components
 Power inlet
 Power outlet
 Terminal block
 Operating Temperature
 +5 to +40 deg C
 Size 364 x 54 x112mm

Filter Test Kit FTK-05 is an optional extra for the following products:

Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300

Filter Test Kit FTK-05 appears in the following kits:

Filter Design System

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