Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300

Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300


The EA-300 is a stand alone unit with internal firmware and a large colour display. It connects to the outputs from a standard LISN and feeds the results to any standard EMC analyser or receiver. The EA-300 prompts the user through the steps necessary to fully characterise the emissions from the EUT, then will output via the screen the recommended filter component values that would reduce these emissions to acceptable levels.

Key Points

The EA-300 requires a suitable LISN and an EMC analyser or receiver. These can be supplied as options if not already available.

The key features of the EA-300 are:

Software Details

The embedded software guides the user through the whole process of filter design.

-  system setup
-  initial measurements of the noise
-  measurement of EUT source impedance
-  entry of attenuation level necessary to achieve compliance
-  advice on initial component values to use
-  simulation of results
-  measurement of actual results using FTK-05
-  refinement of the design

 At each stage, the screen displays the relevant data, plots, and graphics. The internal calculation of optimal component values are based on algorithms developed over many years of actual filter design. These will deliver resukts that are close to optimal, but the use of the FTK-05 allows further refinement if desired.

A powerpoint presentation of the design sequence is available here

Product Specification

Frequency Range
9KHz - 300MHz
 Mode Selector
Line 1, Line 2
 Analysis Mode
 Differential, Common mode
 Signal Tracking Loss

9KHz - 30MHz        <2dB
30MHz - 300MHz    <3dB

 CM/DM isolation9KHz - 30MHz        >40dB
30MHz - 300MHz    >30dB
 Signal input sensitivity
-97dBm (10dBuV)
 Noise level
<10dBuV  max
 Max RF input level
110dBuV  (0dB attenuator)
 Input Dynamic Range
 DisplayWidth:    7 inch
 Operating System
Embedded XP
 Input ImpedanceBNC    50 ohm
 Output impedance
BNC    50 ohm
 Power Supply
100 - 240v 50/60Hz AC
 PhysicalW395    D335    H185 (mm)
 Weight9.4 kg




















Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300 is an optional extra for the following products:

Filter Test Kit FTK-05

Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300 appears in the following kits:

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EA-300 software - Filter design software for the FDS system