The Smart Fieldmeters are a range of RF meters that comprise 3 groups:



The Smart Fieldmeters are a range of meters that are based on a common core, but have options to provide variations in field strength and/or frequency range. Each Smartmeter includes the meter itself with an LCD or LED readout, an isotropic antenna, miniature tripod, output lead user manual and hard carry case. The standard meters include everything needed for accurate environmental monitoring and surveys. The frequency ranges covered are from 10KHz to 40GHz, therefore covering the whole commonly used RF spectrum.

Model 5 Smartmeters are an advanced version of the Model 4 with improved display and performance and fitted with an internal SD memory card. Readings can be logged to this card either manually or at a programmed interval. Each reading is time and date stamped. The memory capacity available on the card means that the number of recorded readings is virtually unlimited. Once back to base, the SD card can be removed and downloaded via any SD port.

In order to ensure that the integrity of measurements is maintained when on-site, a small battery powered field check unit is available (the Field Gauge) which very quickly and easily enables the user to check that the readings are correct.

Key Points


  •  Safety and regulatory assessment of AM/FM/TV and GSM cellular transmitters.
  • Safety and Regulatory assessment of microwave ovens and RF heating equipment.
  • Monitoring of the RF radiation from industrial, scientific and medical equipment.
  • Monitoring of RF fields from GTEM cells and antennas for EMC testing of consumer, industrial, automotive and military products.
  • Data logging of RF fields during Electrosmog testing and environmental monitoring in stand alone and remotely controlled testing sites.
  • Personal RF field monitoring and protection. 



Probe head summary

Fieldmeter summary

Feature  RFP-04 RFP-05M
Probes Supported See probes list  All, including magnetic field
 Display  Mono LCD Colour OLED with graphical plotting feature
 Range selectionManual  Automatic

 Optional RS232, USB,
Fibre optic modem 

 Optional RS232, USB,
Fibre optic modem, IR Remote
 Data Logging Only via external connection.
RS232 or USB
 Internal memory card. Selectable logging interval (time or space) and measurement mode (pk, Ave, etc...)
 Power Internal battery Internal battery and via USB.
 View datasheet RFP-04 RFP-05M

Product Specification




Compatible with fieldmeter model... 

Kit reference 

 0.2 - 3000 0.2 - 600All

Kit 1 and Kit 1D
Includes Field Gauge 

 PI-01C500 - 3000MHz  0.4 - 500 V/m All 

 10KHz - 3000MHz 0.2 - 600V/mAll 


 900 - 19000.4 - 400 V/mAll

Kit 4 (RFP-04) and Kit 4D (RFP-05) Dual GSM band
Includes Field Gauge 

 PI-01E 0.1 - 60000.3 - 600 All 
 PI-03  3 - 18000 0.8 - 800V/mAll

Kit 3 (RFP-04) and Kit 3D (RFP-05)
Includes Field Gauge 

 PI-03P 100 - 18000 70 - 1400V/mRFP-05 only  Fast response time for pulsed
signals. RF pulse width >1uS
 PI-051 - 40GHz 2 - 1000V/m RFP-05 only  


 All kits include hard carry case, AC/DC charger, Table tripod, Mounting clip, SMA cable (meter - probe head), Users manual, Calibration certificate and Field Gauge.













For the model 5 version, replace -04 with -05 in the above model number.

Associated Downloads

Data sheet - RF Fieldmeter


Model 5 Smartmeter

Model 5 Smartmeter

SD card port

SD card port

Field gauge in use

Field gauge in use