RF Power Amplifiers

RF Power Amplifiers


The RF power amplifier range from Laplace is specifically designed for EMC Immunity testing. These are compact units with characteristics matched to the requirements of IEC standards.


These RF amplifiers utilize fully isolated linear MOSFET or advanced GaAs FET devices, which provide high gain, wide dynamic range and excellent third order intercepts. High efficiency and reliable operation are achieved by employing unique RF combining circuits, RF microstrip networks, sophisticated thermal design, custom machined housing and heavy duty components. The high power RF amplifiers undergo extensive burn-in prior to final test and inspection.

The amplifiers all feature 50ohm input & output impedance, thermal and mismatch protection, standby switch and internal fan assisted cooling.

The range comprises:


Frequency range 

 Linear Power (W)

 Saturated Power (W)
 RF0250 100KHz - 250MHz1525
 RF1100 20MHz - 1GHz10 24
 RF1170 30MHz - 1GHz30 70
 RF1200 1GHz - 2GHz10 12
 RF1240 1GHz - 2GHz25 40
 RF1300 1GHz - 3GHz 6 8

Key Points

RF Power Amplifiers is an optional extra for the following products:

RF Synthesiser
Advanced CDNs

RF Power Amplifiers appears in the following kits:


Associated Downloads

User manual - Power amplifiers - RF1100, RF1200, RF1300 power amplifiers
Data Sheet - Power amplifer range


RF1240 model

RF1240 model