Laplace Instruments :

AC1000A  Clean Power SourceAC1000A Clean Power Source
A power source that provides up to 1kW of 50Hz mains supply that meets the THD requirements of IEC61000-3-2
AC2000A Harmonics & Flicker AnalyserAC2000A Harmonics & Flicker Analyser
The AC2000A is a Harmonics and Flicker analyser that is fully compliant with the latest versions of IEC61000-3-2  and IEC61000-3-3.
Ancillaries.. conductedAncillaries.. conducted

Filters and pre-amplifiers can be vital tools in the armoury when measuring conducted emissions.

The CRS+ is used to check the calibration and operation of conducted EMC emissions test equipment.
RF100 Near Field Probe SetRF100 Near Field Probe Set
Passive near field probe set.
1GHz EMC emissions Analyser1GHz EMC emissions Analyser
The SA1002 is a fully featured EMC emissions analyser for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz
3GHz EMC emissions Analyser3GHz EMC emissions Analyser
High performance, PC controlled, 3GHz EMC analyser with powerful Windows software application.
Ancillaries - RadiatedAncillaries - Radiated

Ancillary items that can make all the difference when measuring EMC emissions. These include pre-amplifiers, filters and near field probes.

Antennas for EMC testingAntennas for EMC testing

Antennas are normally required for the measurement of radiated emissions. Laplace offers a wide range of antennas to suit the various requirements. These include standard broadband antennas, miniature antennas and Large Loop Antennas.

A comprehensive range of conventional and enhanced CDNs for IEC61000-4-6 testing.
Emissions Reference Source (ERS)Emissions Reference Source (ERS)
The ERS is a transfer standard for the calibration of radiated emission measurements on OATS or in EMC chambers.
LETIS (Laplace EMC Test Integration System) provides an automated power amplifier selection facility for radiated immunity testing.
LISN & Voltage ProbesLISN & Voltage Probes
These ancillaries enable compliant conducted emission tests. A wide range of LISNs plus voltage probe are available.
Ophir Power AmplifiersOphir Power Amplifiers
The OPHIR range of power amplifiers offer an exceptionally broad range of products to suit almost any application. These amplifiers offer exceptional reliability,sound design and very competitive pricing.
Pre-Selectors for EMC testPre-Selectors for EMC test

Pre-Selectors are an essential requirement if measuring conducted emissions that have high broadband noise content. They effectively convert an EMC Analyser into a receiver, as specified by CISPR16.

See Technical Paper for a fully explanation of pre-selectors and why they are important.

RF Power AmplifiersRF Power Amplifiers
A range of power amplifiers specifically designed for RF Immunity testing according to EMC standards. These cover both conducted, 100KHz to 250MHz,  and radiated tests, 30MHz to 6GHz.
RF SynthesiserRF Synthesiser
The RF Synthesiser is the key component of an RF immunity test system.
Test cells (LaplaCell)Test cells (LaplaCell)
Compact emissions and immunity test cells for EMC compliance testing.

The new AXOS5 compact immunity test system integrates several tests into one compact and integrated system.

It combines 5 kV Burst/EFT, Surge combination wave, AC/DC Dips & Interrupts, along with an integrated single-phase coupling / decoupling network into one compact test system. This allows quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC,EN, ANSI, IEEE and UL standards.

For those not requiring the full compement of tests, the AXOS5 is available at lower cost for any one single test type, and other tests can be added at a later date as required.


The new AXOS8 compact immunity test system integrates several tests into one compact and integrated system.

It combines 7 kV Surge combination wave, 7kV ring wave, 7kV telecom wave, 5kV EFT/Burst and AC/DC Dips & Interrupts, along with an integrated single-phase coupling / decoupling network into one compact test system. This allows quick and completely automated testing to the most common IEC, EN, ANSI, ITU, IEEE and UL standards.


Advanced CDNsCDN Advanced CDNs
A range of CDNs offering flexibility and feedback option, whilst maintaining compliance.
OnFilter mains filtersCleanSweep range OnFilter mains filters

Onfilter mains filters are designed to block noise entering your facility via the mains supply system. This is a common cause of reliability issues with electronic equipment, particularly computers amd telecomms systems. These filters can also be effective in reducing noise contamination caused by heavy machinery and other 'noisy' equipment.

Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300EA-300 Filter Design System - Mode Analyser - EA-300

The EA-300 is a core component of the FDS (Filter Design System).

This system is capable of analysing conducted EMC emissions from a product and using its inbuilt software to recommend component values and filter characteristics that would achieve the required reduction in emissions quickly and at minimum cost.

Filter Test Kit  FTK-05FTK-05 Filter Test Kit FTK-05
The FTK-05 is essentially a breadboard facility in which mains filter components can be plugged so that filter characteristics can be quickly assessed.  It is used in conjunction with the FAS system to provide a complete integrated filter design and optimisation solution.
FaultrackerFTR Faultracker
A powerful fault finding tool for complex electrical systems.
Microrad RF fieldmeterNHT-3D, NHT310 Microrad RF fieldmeter

The Microrad is a high quality hand-held electromagnetic field survey meter. It features a very extensive range of probe heads covering DC (static) fields to 40GHz. As standard,it is fitted with a GPS location system so that  every measurement sample is logged with position and time.

This system is idealfor monitoring the workplace in accordance with CEMFAW (2016)

ONYX16 ESD test simulatorONYX16 ONYX16 ESD test simulator

The ONYX is a state of the art electrostatic discharge simulator released in 2010 and designed according to the latest standard requirements.

RF300 Large Loop AntennaRF300 RF300 Large Loop Antenna
The RF300 is a CISPR15/16 compliant 3 axis antenna for testing according to EN55015 (Large loop antenna or Van Veen Loop)
RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test SystemRFIC-4-6 RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test System
Compliant, automated, RF immunity test system to IEC61000-4-6
SmartmeterRFP range Smartmeter
  • field probe with isotropic sensor, wide frequency range and sensitivity.