Automatic site calibration

At last! a system that calibrates your site for you.

After many years of development, Laplace has introduced a software upgrade for its EMC test systems that will automatically calibrate your test site in such a way that measurements of your EUT will automatically be adjusted to correlate with measurements that would be obtained on a 'perfect' test site.

Site calibration is always a significant source of error when measuring radiated emissions. Unwanted reflections, lack of height scanning and unknown ground plane effects all contribute to measurement uncertainty. This new feature uses an Emissions Reference Source (ERS) as a known reference, and software that is included with all Laplace EMC analysers.The operator is prompted through a sequence of steps which measure the ERS and by comparison with the ERS calibration data, calculates the necessary correction. These corrections are then automatically applied to EUT results.

A full account of the technique, and its effectiveness can be found here.

This feature is now embedded in all software issued with the Laplace range of EMC analysers.

Date Added: February 26th 2015