CDNs now added to the Laplace family

Laplace now ofers a full range of versatile and enhanced CDNs according to IEC61000-4-6.

The x46 series of CDNs have been developed by Richard Marshall Ltd and are now available exclusively from Laplace Instruments Ltd. These unique CDNs are fully compliant with IEC61000-4-6 and offer some key advantages when compared with other CDNs:

Performance - these CDNs are calibrated to 400MHz, well in excess of the requirements of the standard (which requires only up to 230MHz).

Versatility - there are just 5 models in the x46 series of CDNs, but they are programmable such that each model covers several cable types. Altogether, these 5 models cover 25 different cable types, thus allowing EMC test labs to significantly reduce the investment in CDNs, whilst still maintaining full coverage of potential requirements.

Enhanced - The CDNs are available in both S46xxx and E46xxx types. The S46xxx is the Standard type which offers conventional functionality (plus the advantages of Versatility). The E46xxx has an additional RF monitor circuit and output. This means that the RF level applied to the EUT port can be accurately monitored. With this feature, RF stress level can be controlled directly and the need for a 6dB attenuator and separate RF voltmeter are avoided. The RFIC system now available from Laplace can be set to 'Enhanced' mode and will make full use of the enhanced features of the E46xxx types.

Date Added: January 20th 2010