The latest issue of EN55015 specifies 3 tests that are required for the compliance testing of all luminaires. ALECS is an integrated system that has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of this standard. It is both cost effective and easy to use and requires no additional equipment other than your own PC.


A series of ALECS combinations is available so that you can select the system most suitable for your requirements.

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All systems include EMCEngineer software, a proven package that controls all the test hardware via USB port, and displays results in an industry standard format so that pass/fail judgements are very easily seen.
EMCEgineer will run under any current Windows operating system (including Windows 8).

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Kit Specification

Tests covered:

ALECS provides the following products:

1GHz EMC emissions Analyser      1GHz EMC emissions Analyser
      The SA1002 is a fully featured EMC emissions analyser for all EMC compliance measurements up to 1GHz
Pre-Selectors for EMC test      Pre-Selectors for EMC test

Pre-Selectors are an essential requirement if measuring conducted emissions that have high broadband noise content. They effectively convert an EMC Analyser into a receiver, as specified by CISPR16.

See Technical Paper for a fully explanation of pre-selectors and why they are important.

LISN & Voltage Probes      LISN & Voltage Probes
      These ancillaries enable compliant conducted emission tests. A wide range of LISNs plus voltage probe are available.
RF300 Large Loop Antenna      RF300 Large Loop Antenna
      The RF300 is a CISPR15/16 compliant 3 axis antenna for testing according to EN55015 (Large loop antenna or Van Veen Loop)
AC2000A Harmonics & Flicker Analyser      AC2000A Harmonics & Flicker Analyser
      The AC2000A is a Harmonics and Flicker analyser that is fully compliant with the latest versions of IEC61000-3-2  and IEC61000-3-3.
Advanced CDNs      Advanced CDNs
      A range of CDNs offering flexibility and feedback option, whilst maintaining compliance.

Associated Downloads

User manual - AC2000A - Manual for the Harmonics and Flicker analyser
Installation of AC2000A USB drivers - Guidance on the installation and initiation of connectivity with the AC2000A