RFIC kit

RFIC kit
Complete and integrated test systems which comply with IEC61000-4-6. These kits enable full compliance testing and are particularly easy to use. They are supported by a very comprehensive range of CDNs to cover all likely cable types. These CDNs are available in conventional, versatile and enhanced versions.


RFIC kit provides the following products:

RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test System      RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test System
      Compliant, automated, RF immunity test system to IEC61000-4-6
CDNs      CDNs
      A comprehensive range of conventional and enhanced CDNs for IEC61000-4-6 testing.

Associated Downloads

RFIC-4-6 application software - Self installing software for RFIC system
Data Sheet - Advanced CDN for 3 phase up to 100A
Data Sheet - Versatile and Enhanced CDNs
Data Sheet - Advanced CDNs
RFIC46 system user manual - Operators manual for IEC61000-4-6 test system
User Manual - CDN - Manual for the S46M3 CDN
Data Sheet - High power CDN