Laplace Instruments Kits: Conducted RFI

Conducted immunity tests are divided into 2 groups:

Laplace offers cost effective and compliant solutions for both groups.

RF Tests

IEC61000-4-6 conducted immunity test systems require two elements... the main part (common to all systems) comprising the signal generation, amplification, control and software elements, and the other part being the injection devices which must be matched to the EUT cables.

There are two possible modes of operation:
The difference between the two modes is in the calibration of the applied RF level. The IEC61000-4-6 standard requires that the calibration of the input RF signal is achieved using a preliminary sweep with a calibration adaptor (150ohm to 50ohm). The power settings are recorded and the same settings are then used when the 'real' test is commenced.  Whilst not following the standard exactly, it does provide complete assurance that the applied signal is precisely at the level specified, and provides other benefits too. (see Technical Paper)

Each kit (or system) is complete with .....

To this system is added the appropriate CDN(s). These are the devices that are connected to the EUT cables. They couple the RF into the cables.  CDNs are the preferred technique according to the IEC61000-4-6 standard. We have a comprehensive range of CDNs to cover all standard cable types.

BCI clamps and EM clamps can also be supplied if required.

Other tests

ESD simulators.

Disturbance tests.

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