Laplace Instruments Kits: Immunity Kit

Laplace can supply test equipment for all RF immunity test requirements. These cover both radiated RF and conducted RF. In both cases, complete integrated and cost effective solutions are available.

Click here for an overview of immunity standards

The IEC61000-4-3 standard covers radiated immunity. The RFI- test systems are fully compliant to this standard. They are based on a LaplaCell and will cover the range 30MHz - 6GHz. These systems are ideal for products up to 60 x 60 x 60cm in size. (this is 19" rack, 13U high). This system has the key benefit that it can also be used as the basis for an RF emissions measuring system... see CLIENTS for details of these dual purpose kits.
There are many options which include: 

This system can also be supplied without the cell for use in a chamber, either one of our compact FAC chambers or any other standard EMC chamber.

For conducted RF immunity to IEC61000-4-6, we offer the RFIC system. This system uniquely offers two modes of operation. See here for an explanation of the two approaches.

For other conducted immunity tests we offer a complete integrated test system. For details click here.