Filter analysis system

The FAS (Filter Analysis System) from Laplace enables engineers to quickly and effectively design, test and optimise mains filtering for EMC compliance…

Mains borne noise is often the most problematic issue for many design engineers. Typical ‘fixes’ currently comprise trial and error techniques which are both time consuming and often results in a non-optimal and over-engineered solution.

The key to rapid and effective reduction of conducted noise is to ..

Once these parameters are known, the type of filter and the value of filter components can be computed.

The FAS is a new system that provides all the tools necessary to …


The basic system includes…

-     A mode analysis unit (EA-300) to separate and extract CM and DM components.. This will work in conjunction with any EMC analyser or receiver. The EA-300 includes software which will analyse the emissions and prompt solutions.
-   An EUT impedance module (IMP-16A) 
-   A filter component test unit.  (FTK-05)
-   A selection of sample components which simply plug into the FTK-05.

The above will work with any suitable LISN and/or EMC analyser. If these are not available, include:

- SA1002 EMC analyser with RF910 pre-selector. This combination provides a very powerful, flexible and effective EMC compliance measuring system, complete with PC software and USB link.

- LISN with parallel L and N outputs (single phase and 3 phase solutions). These parallel outputs allow CM and DM signal components to be measured. (not possible on a conventional single output LISN)

Application of this system takes all the guesswork out of ensuring that your product complies with the EMC regulations.

As far as we are aware, this is the only system currently available that can provide such a powerful set of tools to tackle mains borne EMC noise problems and to provide 'smart' facilities to enable solutions to be optimised .

  Identification of the noise characteristics provides an immediate and specific pointer to the ideal type of filter necessary to the reduction of noise levels. These characteristics are obtained by resolving the common mode and differential mode components coupled with measurement of the EUT source impedance. Non of these factors are available from conventional EMC test systems. The software included with this system allows input of these factors and will then compute suggested component values and configuration to create a filter that can be tested on the FTK-05. The FTK-05 then enables 'fine tuning' of the design to optimise the results.

 The Complete Range....


Order code EA-300


 FDS-S √ √ √  
 FDS-A √ √ √ √ 
 FDS-L √ √ √  √
 FDS-AL √ √ √ √ √

The -S assumes you have an EMC receiver and suitable LISN already available.
The -A assumes that you need the only the 2 line LISN.
The -L and -AL assume that you already have a suitable LISN.
If you require the whole system, then the option is -AL.

EA-300 Signal analysis unit.  Segregates the CM and DM components so that they can be measured,.

Software included with the EA-300.    Allows input of noise and EUT parameters and can calculate optimal filter components and configuration.

-  IMP-6A Impedance module. Enables the measurement of EUT impedance.

 - FTK-05 Filter test unit. Enables the evaluation of filter design.

-  EMC analyser.  This can be an 3rd party standard analyser/receiver, such as the SA1002 or SA3000 from Laplace. 

 -  LISN16A1P.   This is a single phase LISN is rated at 16A. Other high power and 3 phase LISNs are available.