Emissions Standards

Commonly used EMC emissions standards

These are a selection of the emissions standards used for CE compliance in Europe.

Generic Emission Standards  Tests
Residential, commercial
and light industrial


Conducted emissions to EN55022, class B
Radiated emissions to EN55022, class B
If any discontinuous emissions, EN55014-1
Harmonics IEC61000-3-2
Flicker (if required)  IEC61000-3-3

Industrial environment


Conducted emissions to EN55011, class A
Radiated emissions to EN55011, class A

Product Specific Standards (Limited selection only, there are many others!)
Product summary


Industrial equipment that uses RF for processing purposes


Vehicles and other products powered by IC engine


Audio-visual equipment (TVs, radios, CD players, MP3.. etc**


Domestic appliances and hand tools




Information Technology Equipment (ITE)**


Vehicles:   Protection of on-board receivers


Multi-media equipment (This standard now replaces those marked **)
Uninteruptible power systems


Railway equipment, on and off trains


LV switchgear and control systems


Professional A/V equipment


Maritime navigation and telecoms equipment


Low voltage DC power supplies


Equipment for control and measurement use


Other Standards

 CISPR16Defines the specifications and characteristics of EMC test equipment
 FCC part 15Items that do not radiate RF intentionally  (US standard)
 FCC part 18Items that intentionally generate RF  (US standard)
 Mil Spec 461US military EMC standard 
 Def Stan 59-41UK military EMC standard