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Technical PapersPapers and articles related to EMC measurements, plus a field simulation tool.

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Laplace Product Presentation - Summary of the Laplace range
Automatic site calibration - Use of an ERS to calibrate test sites
The Use of an ERS - What the ERS brings to radiated emission measurements.
Detectors - The Why, What and How of EMC Detectors
Why are my detectors so slow? - A outline of the operation of detectors.
Ambient Cancelation - Explanation and testing of ambient cancelation techniques
Test site recommendations - Analysis of the uncertainty factors in typical OATS sites
RF Field Simulator - A comprehesive set of Excel files with explanatory notes that allow you to simulate RF fields in EMC test site situations, including OATS and chambers.
Why not just use Near Field Probes? - NFPs can detect emissions, so why not use them instead?
Pre-Selectors - The Why, What and How of Pre-selectors
LaplaCell presentation - Powerpoint presentation of the design and performance of LaplaCell concept
Large loop antenna - amendments to standards - Changes to CISPR15 and CISPR16 update the LLA definition
Enhanced CDNs - Paper presented at the York EMC Symposium 1999
EMC training notes - Notes to accompany the Laplace training course
Filter design system summary. - Description of system operation.
EA-300 software - Filter design software for the FDS system
Changes to ESD standard - Description of the changes in the new 2009 standard
CleanSweep - a technical background. - Describes the cause and cure for mains noise,
The case for mains filters. - The Cause and Cure for unreliable electronic equipment
Soldering irons and EOS dangers - Modern micro-circuitry is becoming more susceptible to electrical noise and potential damage from even the best soldering equipment. This paper discusses the causes and cures for this situation.
web_photos - Photos for web images
Detailed cell images - A series of photographs of the Lc300/2 test cell
Laplace Logo - Hi-res .eps file of the logo
Data Sheet Library - Contains pdf versions of all Laplace products