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SoftwareUtility software ... for the main application packages, contact Laplace.

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EMCEngineer software - v4.10 software for SA1002 and SA3000 analysers
RFSynth (RF1000) software - Software for use with the RFx000 range
EMCEngineer software (RS232) - SA1000 EMC measurement software, v3.71
RF3000 software - PC software for radiated RF immunity testing
EMC Analyser help files - Unzip the files and follow instructions in help.doc
AC2000A Software v3_02 - PC Windows software for the Harmonics and Flicker analyser
AC2000A Firmware - Upgrade Harmonics & Flicker analyser to v3.02
USB drivers (32 & 64 bit) - USB drivers for Win7 and later systems
RFIC-4-6 application software - Self installing software for RFIC system
USB drivers (old) - USB drivers used for the EMC analysers and Synthesisers
SA450B software - PC software for the SA450B. Note, requires Win98 or earlier.
Driver DLLs (64) - 64 bit driver DLLs for manual installation.
Driver DLLs (32) - 32bit DLL files for manual installation
FTR Faultracker - Application software
FTR FaulTracker - Unpacked version for later Windows OS