What is available in the downloads section 

The downloads comprise both the software that is normally supplied with Laplace products, or user manuals, or technical papers and background information on various aspects of EMC testing.

We have videos too!

Session 2:  Equipment required.
Session 3:  Setup and initialisation.
Session 4:   Initial scan.
Session 5:   Detailed analysis.

The software downloads will be the fully operational, latest version of our software, for use by customers who have the appropriate Laplace hardware (analysers or synthesisers). The software can be downloaded by anyone, but its functionality will be restricted because it will not be able to 'connect' to any hardware, however, it will give you a feel for the user experience. In addition, the help file for the EMC analysers (SA1002 and SA3000) is available. This will provide you with an explanation of all the features and facilities available with the analysers.

User manuals for all our major current products are available in pdf format.

The background information includes copies of papers submitted at conferences, seminars and symposia over the past few years. Various articles about aspects of EMC testing and EMC analysers are also listed.
In this section there is which includes some excel applications. These allow you to simulate how the RF field from a source behaves on various types of test site, including OATS, screened rooms and anechoic chambers. Variables such as antenna height, reflection coefficient and room size can be changed so that the effects can be studied. A word document is included which explains the operation of these excel files.

You can also view the short training videos we have produced... You may find them interesting and informative!