ALECS justification and FAQ


Assuming that a typical accredited EMC lab will charge at least £2,000 for the testing of a product, a complete ALECS will cost less than the equivalent of 6 products. This assumes that each test is straightforward and no 'issues' are found which require return visits. If a problem is found, then there is the issue of 'how do we know when/if we have fixed it?' If you have no in-house test equipment, then you do have a problem! Whatever the outcome, costs are bound to be increased.

In addition:

Note that all ALECS users are eligible to a one day training course at our offices in Norfolk.


 Do we need special screened rooms?Absolutely not. The testing can be done in your normal laboratory, or even production environment. 
 Do we need any special facilities? You do need a good earth point, an isolation transformer, a ground plane (metal sheet on the floor), and a wooden bench.
 Do we need any other special equipment? No, the ALECS systems are self contained and include all you need for the measurement of emissions according to EN55015
 Will I still need to use a test lab to get the final report? No, under the terms of the EMC Directive, you are absolutely entitled to take the measurements yourself and (assuming the results look OK) self certify the product
Will ALECS provide adequate measurement accuracy?Assuming that the test setup conforms to the requirements of EN55015 (which is actually not difficult) measurement accuracy will be comparable with that obtained at a test lab. Accredited test labs will quote a measurement uncertainty of 4dB for these tests.
 You have talked about emissions, what about immunity? Immunity testing is a requirement for CE compliance. However many of the relevant tests (eg surge and dips/interrupts) can be simulated without special equipment. If it is felt that such tests are required, Laplace can supply the relevant test equipment.
 Do my technicians require special training? A comprehensive training course is included with any order for an ALECS system. We can accept up to 3 delegates. However, very comprehensive instructions are provided in the User Manuals and many users find that they can use the system without the need for special training.
 What about support? We offer both software support and software updates free of charge and without time limit. In addition, we provide technical support via telephone and e-mail so that your technicians and test engineers always have advice and assistance available at all times.
 If I have the simplest system initially, can I add to it at a later date? Yes, all our system components are such that they can be added as required, and the software will cope automatically.
 Will the software run on my PC? The software will run under any current version of Windows. The only hardware requirement for the PC is that it should have at least 2 USB ports, or a single port plus a USB hub.


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